Newell DMW-BMB9E battery

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The best quality cells are used in the production of Newell batteries. The capacity given in milliamps is real and ensures a long working time.
Ein eingebautes intelligentes Sicherheitssystem, basierend auf der IC-Elektronik, regelt den Ladevorgang. Dies garantiert Sicherheit und Schutz für das Gerät und den Anwender.

Fortschrittliche Technologie
Newell battery was built in lithium-ion technology. It allows for multiple loading and unloading, as well as recharging at any time without the risk of the so-called “memory effect”.

– Model: NP-BMB9E
– Technology: Li-ion
– Capacity: 890mAh
– Voltage: 7,2 V

– Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100, DMC-FZ100GK, DMC-FZ100K, DMC-FZ150, DMC-FZ150K, DMC-FZ40, DMC-FZ40GK, DMC-FZ40K, DMC-FZ47, DMC-FZ48

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