Saramonic SR-ULM10 Krawattenmikrofon mit USB-Anschluss

The Saramonic SR-ULM10 is a tie microphone designed for computers and laptops with a USB-A connector. It is an ideal opportunity for anyone with a computer or laptop to talk online via SmartRecorder, Skype, ZOOM and other applications to achieve much better sound results. Better sound and no distortion improve audibility for our audience. By connecting the microphone, our voice is correctly reproduced, which has a positive effect on the quality of conversation and communication. The true timbre of the voice is more pleasing to the ear, especially when we use headphones in addition.

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The SR-ULM10 is characterized by high quality of recorded sound and omnidirectional characteristics that allow the sound to be captured equally in all directions. This means that you don’t have to worry about its correct placement when you pin it to your shirt. The microphone’s dome is equipped with a foam wind shield to reduce the noise caused by air movement.

Accessories included
The SR-ULM10 is equipped with a clip that allows it to be attached to the user’s clothing relatively close to the speech apparatus. It offers easy plug-and-play operation and the built-in 2-metre-long cable provides the right length to connect right in front of you without tangling the cable. It allows for discreet recording in high quality without visible cables or additional devices.

Macs and PCs with USB/A ports

– Type: capacitive electret
– Band: 35 Hz – 18 kHz
– Affection: -30 dB +/-3 dB, 0 dB=1 V/Pa 1 kHz
– Signal-to-noise ratio: 78 dB SPL
– Connector: USB/A
– Cable length: 2 m
– Weight: 22.7 g

Inhalt des Sets
– USB tie microphone SR-ULM10 with a 2 m cable
– microphone clip
- Schaumstoffummantelung
– cover with locking cord
– reusable cable strip

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