UHF-Drahtlossystem RX9 + TX9 + TX9 Kit

The Saramonic UwMic9 Kit 2 (RX9 + TX9 + TX9) is a receiver and two transmitters with tie microphones that form part of a UHF wireless transmission system in the analogue frequency range from 514 MHz to 596 MHz.

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Die Saramonic UwMic9 Kit 2 (RX9 + TX9 + TX9) is a receiver and two transmitters with tie microphones that form part of a UHF wireless transmission system in the analogue frequency range from 514 MHz to 596 MHz.


Key features of the system

UwMic9 features a long range of up to 100 metres in free space. The ability to transmit audio wirelessly between a wide range of devices will be appreciated by camera operators, reporters and vloggers. The system enables operation in two transmitter groups (A and B), with a choice of 96 radio frequency channels. The main advantage of the system is the ability to split the signal into two mono paths. Intuitive menus and “Auto Scan” or infrared (RF) synchronisation functions make use of the system much easier and faster. All Kit 2 transmission components are powered by a set of two AA batteries.



UwMic9 allows connection to a wide range of cameras, VDSLRs, camcorders, smartphones, recorders or mobile devices, using cables with specific input types:

- Cameras, camcorders, recorders: mini Jack 3.5 mm TRS (supplied)

- Cameras, audio mixers: XLR (mini Jack 3.5 mm / 2 x XLR included)

- IOS devices: Lightning (optional LC-C35 cable)

- Android system devices: USB-C (UTC-C35 cable optional)

- Mobile devices: mini Jack 3.5 mm TRRS (optional adapter SR-UC201 or cables SR-PMC2 or SR-PMC1)

- PC | MAC: (optional USB-CP30 cable)



The common element of the system and the brains of the whole operation is the Saramonic RX9 receiver, which allows the signal to be received simultaneously from two microphones. The receiver is equipped with two mini Jack (3.5 millimetre) outputs with a safety lock to prevent unplugging and a headphone output to monitor the transmitted signals.


Transmitter TX9

The new version of the transmitter features adjustable microphone sensitivity from 0 to 12 decibels. Each transmitter has one input in the 3.5 mm TRS mini jack standard for connecting a microphone or other sound source. The input is equipped with a lock to prevent accidental cable disconnection. We can also use the Saramonic DK6A head microphones for the transmitter, which will find their practical application for conferences, television, theatres or houses of worship.


Langlebiges Metallgehäuse

The receiver and transmitter housings are made of high-quality, durable aluminium. The easy-to-read LCD displays and control buttons allow comfortable use of the devices even when wearing gloves. The orange displays make it easier to use the devices in difficult weather conditions such as strong sunlight or night-time aura.


Inklusive Zubehör

In addition to the transmitter and receivers, the kit includes:

- three mounts allowing the transmitters and receiver to be suspended from the belt

- adapter with 1/4″ tripod mount and cold shoe to allow installation of the transmitter or receiver on a photographic tripod or in the camera flash bay

- a mini Jack – 2x XLR cable enabling the receiver to be connected to a professional standard recorder

- mini Jack – mini Jack connection cable for camera or camcorder

- two omnidirectional tie microphones with mini Jack connectors


Spezifikation - two microphones with omnidirectional characteristics with mini jack connectors

- Anzahl der Übertragungskanäle: 96

- number of groups: 2

- operating frequencies: 514 MHz – 596 MHz

- usable sensitivity: – 95 dBm

- signal-to-noise ratio: 70 dB

- Referenzabweichung: ±5 kHz (-60 dBV, 1 kHz)

- Frequenzgang: 40 Hz - 18 kHz (± 3 dB)

- range: up to 100 m in free space

- Stromversorgung:

o transmitter: 2 AA batteries

o receiver: 2 AA batteries

- Gewicht:

o Sender: 260 g

o Empfänger: 275 g

- Abmessungen:

o Sender: 6,4 x 8,7 (+ Antenne 10,5 cm) x 2,5 cm

o receiver: 6.4 x 8.7 (+ antenna 10.5 cm) x 2.5 cm


Inhalt des Sets

- RX9-Empfänger

- 2x TX9 transmitters

- 2x SR-UM10-M1 tie microphones

- 3x belt-pack mounts

- adapter for mounting on tripod / camera

- mini Jack 3.5 mm TRS cable / mini Jack 3.5 mm TRS cable

- mini Jack cable / 2 x XLR cable

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 1 kg
Größe 5 × 25 × 34 cm