Vimble 2A Leichtgewichtiger Action-Kamera-Gimbal

FeiyuTech Vimbe 2A is an incredibly light and handy gimbal for sports cameras. Thanks to its advanced three-axis stabilization it allows to create smooth and vibration-free shots even in the most extreme situations. Vimble 2A offers a number of practical and proven solutions to help you impress your friends with perfectly smooth recordings of your vacation and everyday life.

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A compact friend for every journey
Gimbal retains its low weight (227.6 g) and ergonomic shape known from the Vimble 2 model. However, the manufacturer has made several improvements that make the daily use of gimbal easier and more precise. In addition to new electronics and improved software, gimbal has received axle locks for easy transport and storage. Additionally, a tasteful protective cover is included.

Four stabilization modes
Vimble 2A offers four stabilization modes. They allow you to easily achieve the desired effect, adjusting the device characteristics to your vision of the frame.

Panning mode – in this mode, the camera follows the panning motion of the bracket smoothly, while maintaining a constant position in relation to the horizon line.
Lock mode – the camera lens keeps constant direction – rotation on all axes is locked in a given position.
Tracking mode – in this mode, the camera follows the panning motion of the mount and up and down smoothly.
Multi-axis tracking mode – in this mode the camera lens follows the movement of gimbal’s grip smoothly in all three axes.

Gimbal to self
The 18 cm telescopic arm allows you to move the webcam away from the handle, which allows you to change the perspective and makes it easier to take a popular self or group photo with a pack of friends.

Vertical and horizontal
Gimbal will allow you to easily record movies not only in a horizontal position, but also in an increasingly popular vertical arrangement. Vimble 2A will allow you to quickly switch between settings. Millions of viewers on YouTube, Instagram and TikToku are waiting for you!

More possibilities with the FeiyuOn app
Do you require more from gimbal? The FeiyuON application will offer you additional features. Thanks to it you can remotely control the device from your smartphone, change parameters and create precisely designed time-laps. All these options will allow you to achieve spectacular effects known from the videos of popular youtubers in an easier way.

Intelligent WiFi
After connecting gimbal with the webcam using WiFi we get much easier access to record movies, take pictures or time-laps. The device remembers the password and in the future it automatically connects to the webcam, skipping the long pairing process.

Ergonomics and working time
New subassemblies and refined solutions have significantly improved the comfort and quality of work of the device. Recorded films are even smoother, and gimbal no longer needs to be precisely balanced, thanks to which the preparation for filming itself takes much less time. The handle of the gimbala comfortably lies in your hand, and the 1300 mAh battery provides power for 10 hours of uninterrupted fun.

Intuitive Bedienung
Controlling the device is extremely simple and intuitive, despite the multitude of functions offered. It is done with three function buttons, a switch and a joystick located in comfortable places on the gimbal’s handle. The selected operating mode and battery charge level is indicated by an LED indicator. It takes just a moment to get to know all functions offered by it.

FeiyuTech Vimble 2A has been designed to work with sports cameras GoPro 5 / 6 / 7. Thanks to additional adapters (available in a separate sale) other popular cameras such as GoPro 8 / YI / SJCAM / RICCA / Osmo Action can also be mounted on it.

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