Pack batterie Newell BP-RP do Canon

The Newell BP-RP is a robust, fully functional battery grip for Canon EOS RP cameras. It allows you to hold the camera better, improves the comfort of use when shooting vertically and extends the life of your camera without having to replace the batteries in the camera.

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Grip has two basic functions. One of them is to extend the camera’s operating time by providing an additional power source. An additional LP-E17 battery pack can be placed in the battery pack. This solution enables more intensive and longer work without fear of losing power in the least expected moment.
Une ergonomie améliorée
The second important function of the grips is to improve the comfort when shooting both vertically and horizontally. The specially designed shape and finish made from durable and tactile rubber provides a comfortable and secure grip, so the camera lies perfectly in your hand.
Une fonctionnalité améliorée
La poignée permet un accès rapide aux fonctions de base de l'appareil photo grâce à une série de boutons et de molettes placés de manière ergonomique. La poignée est équipée de :
– Grip on/off switch
– two-stage shutter release – a light press of the button allows you to focus, pressing it all the way down triggers the shutter just like the button on the camera itself
– 1/4″ tripod thread – a mount that allows you to use a tripod without having to take the grips off the camera
Haute qualité
Thoughtful design, highest quality materials and precision of workmanship make the product will serve for years. Additionally, all Newell grips are covered by a two-year warranty!

– dimensions: 13 x 7 x 10 cm
– weight: 177 g (without batteries)

– cameras: Canon EOS RP
– batteries: LP-E17

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