Laowa D-Dreamer 15 mm f/2,0 Zero-D for Canon RF

The Laowa 15mm F2 Zero-D Lens is designed for Canon EOS R (RF) Mount full frame sensor cameras, such as the EOS R & EOS RP series.

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Take impressive ultra wide angle pictures by using the 110 degree angle of view. Ultra-fast f/2 aperture will also be embraced by everyone especially the Astro and landscape photographers. Relatively compact and lightweight lens housing superior optics.

Distorsion proche de zéro
The Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero-D is the second member of the “Close-to-Zero” distortion line-up. The lens is specially designed to remove the optical distortion which commonly exists in wide angle lenses at infinity focus. Straight lines will be retained.

Super léger et compact
Currently the widest f/2 rectilinear lens in the market which comes with a native Canon EOS-R mount (i.e. Does not require additional adapters). It is an ultra-wide & ultra-fast prime lens which covers both full-frame & APS-C sensors. Despite the extreme specifications, we have successfully minimized the weight of the lens to around 570g and 9cm long. This compact and light lens comprises of 12 elements in 9 groups with two aspherical elements and threee Extra-low dispersion elements. Even though the distortion is minimized, chromatic aberrations are also kept relatively low, the Laowa 15mm F2 still delivers a superb optical performance from corner to corner.

Filtre de 72 mm
Ultra-wide & fast lenses in the market tend to be huge and have a dome-shaped front element. It is a headache for landscape photographers who need to use filters very often. Laowa understand their needs and manage to design a flat front surface and include a 72mm filter thread into the lens. 72mm screw-on filters can be used and no more investment on bulky filter holder is required.

Ultra Wide & Fast
The extreme 110° angle of view and ultra-fast f/2 aperture allow photographers to create impressive astro-photography shots with ease. It also gives photographers a fast and wide-angle option for landscape photography and low-light shooting.

Close focusing distance
Photographers can take advantage of the super close focusing distance of just 15cm’s. This together with the f/2 aperture, it is a great tool to create some bokeh and wide angle close-up shots.

Clickless aperture
The new Laowa 15mm f/2 FE Zero-D for Canon EOS R mount is specially designed with an aperture switch which allows users to quickly switch between click-less and clicked aperture. This added feature is essential for for videographers.

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