Chargeur DC-USB Newell pour les batteries EN-EL12

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Regardless of the capacity and number of batteries used, you will need to recharge them at some point. The Newell USB charger comes to your aid – small, professional and equipped with LED process status indication.

Dimensions compactes
The Newell charger is the smallest of its kind available. Its compact size makes it easy to pack it with the rest of the equipment and take it on any trip.

Options d'alimentation
The device is powered from the USB socket. This allows you to charge from your laptop, power bank, charger from your smartphone and in the car.

Qualité et sécurité
The high quality of workmanship and the charging process controllers used make the device safe for batteries and the user.

The charger is compatible with Nikon system batteries, Newell batteries, and other replacements.

– battery: EN-EL12 for Nikon

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