Bouton Takeway T-BK01 pour tête T-B01

Lock knob head position Takeway T-BK01 is a high quality, an original part of the service offered to the head of the T-B01. Made of durable steel mandrel wheel provides long, trouble-free operation, a grooved handle, made of high-quality plastic, it allows for easy manipulation of a rotary selector, even when wearing gloves.

EAN : 4715409206453 UGS : TW0284 Catégorie :


Le site Takeway T-BK01 head position lock knob is a high quality, original service part designed for the T-B01 head.

Made from durable steel, the knob stem ensures long, trouble-free use and the grooved handle, made from high-quality plastic, allows the knob to be easily manipulated, even when wearing gloves.


  • poids : 20 g
  • dimensions: 2.4 x ?1.9 cm
  • matériau : plastique
  • couleur : noir


  • T-B01 ball head

Contenu du kit

  • T-BK01 ball head position locking knob
      • Ball head position locking knob

Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 3 × 9 × 17 cm

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