Trépied Fotopro S3 Lite - rouge-gris

Fotopro S3 Lite is an ultra-light tripod designed for small SLR digital cameras fault-free, sport cameras and smartphones.

EAN : 6944326342243 UGS : FP0318 Catégorie :


Le Fotopro S3 Lite est un trépied ultra-léger conçu pour les petits appareils photo reflex numériques, les appareils photo sans miroir, les appareils photo de sport et les smartphones.

The S3 Lite is made from the highest quality aluminium alloy and lightweight plastics. The design provides high stability with low inherent weight and offers a lifting capacity for equipment weighing no more than 2.5 kilograms. The maximum working height of the Fotopro S3 Lite is 126.5 centimetres. The tripod, on the other hand, measures just 44 centimetres in length when folded. The four-section legs allow the tripod to be quickly extended and folded. The rubber tips provide grip without scratching the ground.

The S3 Lite allows for reverse mounting of the central column. This allows the camera or camcorder to be mounted as low as desired. A hook on the back of the column gives you the option of adding weight to the tripod in strong winds.

The Fotopro tripod is equipped with an integrated ball head with 1/4″ male tripod mount. The mounting system for the recording device is convenient and quick to use.

Along with the tripod, the package includes a smartphone mount, an adapter for the GoPro system, two Allen keys and a practical case.


  • Tripod weight: 730 g
  • capacité de levage : 2,5 kg
  • maximum tripod working height: 126.5 cm
  • hauteur minimale de travail : 41,5 cm
  • length of folded tripod: 44 cm
  • four-section legs
  • extrémités des jambes en caoutchouc
  • colonne centrale réversible
  • colonne centrale réversible
  • integrated ball head with 1/4″
  • male tripod mount

  • crochet pour le poids du trépied
  • couleur : rouge-gris

Contenu du kit

  • Photopro S3 Lite tripod
  • support pour téléphone
  • adaptateur pour système GoPro
    • reducible carrying case
    • durable carrying case with shoulder strap
    • two allen wrenches

Informations complémentaires

Poids 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 10 × 44 cm