Sac Wandrd Detour 5

Wandrd Detour 5 is a minimalist and extremely comfortable hip bag for your camera. The clever combination of shoulder strap and waist belt ensures that movement is not hindered, while comfortable handles and reliable zippers provide instant access to the inside.

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This is the best solution for mobile photographers who want to travel comfortably and quickly with their equipment.

## Caractéristiques principales ##

– feather-light
– made of durable and waterproof materials
– splash-proof zippers
– Quick access to the camera
– external accessories belts
– two additional pockets
– detachable waist belt and comfortable shoulder belt
– compatible with the Wandrd inflatable photographic cartridge
– lifetime warranty!

## Always on hand ##

Wandrd Detour 5 is the most mobile solution you can imagine. The bag is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use. Adjustable length straps (hip and shoulder straps) ensure comfort and safety. It is perfect for everyday city tours and photographic excursions to tourist trails. You won’t even feel that you have it at your side.

## Small and roomy ##

This inconspicuous-looking bag can surprise many people with its capacity. It can accommodate a standard 24-70 mm DSLR camera or a DJI Mavic Pro-sized drone. There are two more pockets available. One external pocket for memory cards, additional batteries and other accessories. The second, internal pocket can safely hide documents and wallet.

That is not all. The outer straps on the bottom of the bag allow you to attach a small tripod, a bottle or a jacket to it.

## Make the perfect set ##

An excellent addition to the Detour bag is the Wandrd inflatable photographic insert (sold separately). It is equipped with ProtectAir® technology and fits perfectly inside our bag. This tandem creates complete and perfect protection for your camera.

## Une garantie de fiabilité à vie ##

Les développeurs de la marque Wandrd prennent très au sérieux leur responsabilité envers leurs clients et l'environnement. Ils ont créé des produits qui dureront des siècles. Grâce à l'excellence de leur travail et à l'utilisation des meilleurs matériaux, leurs œuvres resteront entre vos mains pendant des années, au lieu de finir dans une décharge.

Se promener plus, s'inquiéter moins ! Wandrd est une promesse d'excellente qualité.


## Spécification

* model: Wandrd Detour 5
* garantie : à vie
* le matériel de l'exécution :
* nylon N100D Robic Dynatec
* nylon N210D Robic HD Oxford
* splash-proof zippers
* dimensions:
* unfolded: 27 x 22 x 13 cm
* packed: 16 x 11 x 6 cm
* weight: 254 g
* couleur : noir

## Compatibility

* Wandrd’s inflatable photographic insert

## Contenu de l'ensemble ##

* Wandrd Detour 5 bag – black

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