Couverture de pluie Wandrd Rainfly

The Wandrd Rainfly rain cover protects your luggage from heavy rain and snow. It is very versatile and fits many rucksack models available on the market, in particular the Wandrd Prvke and Hexad series.

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It is a very useful piece of equipment, which when folded down does not take up much space and can save the equipment from being blown away by the cloud. You can have peace of mind regardless of the weather.

## Protection in all weathers

Wandrd Rainfly’s cover is made from the highest quality waterproof materials that will protect your valuable equipment. No matter what the weather, rain, snow or wind, the interior of the backpack will remain dry and cosy.

## Dedicated cover pocket ##

The Rainfly takes up little space in your bag or backpack, so you can always have it with you in case the weather gets worse. In addition, the Wandrd Prvke series has a dedicated bag pocket on the bottom of the backpack.

## Several attachment points for safety ##

A hook, loop, elastic strap and buckle – all to fit your bag or backpack perfectly. A properly anchored Rainfly is not allowed to fly away in the blue even during a hurricane wind or a super-fast motorcycle ride.

## Une garantie de fiabilité à vie ##

Les développeurs de la marque Wandrd prennent très au sérieux leur responsabilité envers leurs clients et l'environnement. Ils ont créé des produits qui dureront des siècles. Grâce à l'excellence de leur travail et à l'utilisation des meilleurs matériaux, leurs œuvres resteront entre vos mains pendant des années, au lieu de finir dans une décharge.

Se promener plus, s'inquiéter moins ! Wandrd est une promesse d'excellente qualité.


## Spécification

* model: Wandrd Rainfly
* garantie : à vie
* couleur : noir

Compatibilité ## ##

* Wandrd Prvke’s backpack 21
* Wandrd Prvke’s backpack 31
* Wandrd Duo Daypack
* Wandrd Hexad Access 45 backpack
* Wandrd Hexad Carryall’s backpack 40
* other rucksacks of similar size

## Set contents

* Wandrd Rainfly rain cover

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