Yongnuo YN968N II TTL Speedlite pour les appareils photo Nikon

The YN968N II TTL Speedlite from Yongnuo is a powerful unit that features Nikon i-TTL support for on-camera use, including high-speed sync.

EAN : 6947110919584 UGS : YN2305 Catégorie :


For advanced functionality, Yongnuo employs both a 2.4 GHz radio system for master and slave operation as well as optical TTL slave support for both Nikon and Canon systems. The radio function supports Yongnuo’s YN622N (master/slave) and YN560 (slave) systems, which ensures maximum compatibility with existing units and equipment.

The flash offers users a zoom range of 20-200mm and has a pull-out diffusion panel for ultra-wide 14mm optics. Users can also tilt the flash from -7 to 150° and rotate it 360° for easy positioning and bounce operation. For video, an LED light with power control options and its own diffusion panel is built into the YN968N II and comes with a color conversion filter blend into warm, tungsten-balanced scenes. The flash runs on four AA batteries and will recycle in three seconds at full power. Additionally, it has 1st and 2nd curtain sync as well as high-speed sync and has PC sync, external power, and USB ports for triggering, battery packs, and firmware updates.

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Yongnuo YN968N II TTL Speedlite pour les appareils photo Nikon
Color Conversion Filter for LED Light
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